About Us

We are a leader in the fight to protect our right to bear arms.

Our Vision

All law-abiding citizens regardless, of Race, Political Affiliation, Creed, Religion, Sexual Orientation or anything else, have the same protections under the Constitution. Our individual right to Keep and Bear Arms shall not be infringed.

Our Mission

To educate and advocate for the 2nd Amendment and the individual rights guaranteed under the protections of the 2nd Amendment. Our individual rights are paramount. Our right to self-defense has to be protected.

Our Goals

That every law-abiding citizen who wishes to exercise their rights to carry will always have that right. And to have a Right To Bear Arms chapter in every locality across the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Learn what your rights are and get involved. Make a difference!

Executive Officers

Brandon Howard


Amy Strong

Vice President

Matthew Hardin

General Council